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In this section there are many worksheets based on the topic. As we know that "practice makes a man perfect" and in math we need a lot of practice. You can practice on these work-sheets and if you want you can send me the answers of the work-sheet which you have done. I will check them and give you a proper feedback.

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Number System : This practice-sheet is based on numbers. If is basically for 5th and 6th grade.

Whole Numbers: Solve this practice -sheet based on whole numbers and its properties.

playing with Numbers : It is based on divisibility test and factors.

Decimals : This sheet is based on comparing decimals as well as addition, subtraction of decimals and many more on decimals.

Rational Numbers : These are the numbers in the form of p/q,
where q ≠ 0.

Algebraic Expression : The practice-sheet is based on variable and expression.

Worksheet on Algebraic expression(2): In this section of Algebra sheet students have to write type of algebraic expression, coefficients and writing algebraic expression.

Algebra (3) : More practice on algebraic expression and find the values of the given algebraic expression.

Linear Equation in One Variable : Solve the linear equations or simple equations in one variable. Also,it has some word problems.

Linear Equations in Two Variables : Solve the linear equation in two variables using elimination,substitution and cross multiplication method.

Linear equation in Two variables : Linear equation in two variables word problems based on age.

Linear equation in Two variables : Linear equation in two variables word problems based on digits.

Linear equation in two variables : Solve the system of equations word problems based on speed(rate) , distance and time.

Factorization(1) : Factorization using splitting of middle terms and by rearranging the terms.

Factorization (2) : Factorization using identities.

Word problems on Linear Equation in Two Variables: Linear equations word problems.

Polynomial(1) : This sheet is based on zeroes of polynomial.

Polynomial(2) : This practice sheet is based on classification of polynomials, division of polynomials, remainder theorem and many more.

Quadratic Equations : Write the vertex form of quadratic equation,find the coordinates of vertex.

Intersection of sets : The practice sheet is based on set theory.

Problems on Intersection of Two Sets : The problems based on two intersection of sets.

Intersection of Three Sets : This practice sheet is based on intersection of three sets and Venn diagrams.

Percentage: The word problems on percentage.

Profit and Loss : Word problems based on profit and loss. finding the selling price or cost price.

Lines and Angles : This is a geometry section based on lines angles. The different types of angles are formed by parallel lines.

congruence of triangle : The practice sheet is based on congruence of triangle for that different postulates are used.

Quadrilateral : This practice sheet is based on quadrilateral which includes square,rectangle,parallelogram, trapezoid and rhombus.

Quadrilateral-1 : More practice on quadrilateral.

Probability : Here you will get the problems based on probability. Coin problems,problems based on die and card.

Trigonometry : Word problems on trigonometry. The problems mainly based on angle of elevation and depression.


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