Simple Tricks To Remember Math Formulas

For some students memorizing mathematical formula can be a tricky process and for few, it can be a simple task. Remembering formulas can be tough in the beginning, as a few students have their own rate of grasping things. Once a student is able to apply the exact formulas to find the accurate result, then no problem will be difficult.

There are a few simple ways used for memorizing the formulas. Students have to learn the components of every formula along with their meaning. By this, students can construct a formula easily and can remember it.

Here are a few simple and basic tricks to memorize formulas.

1. Be regular and stay focused when the formulas are being taught and discussed in the classroom.
2. The best technique to memorize math formulas is to practice them on a regular basis and by repeatedly writing down the formula until it gets fixed in the mind.
3. Never try to memorize the formulas. Always understand every single equation, units, and signs in the formula.
4. Be thorough in all basic concepts as it helps in solving more complex problems further. For example: Before studying the Binomial theorem, make sure to memorize the formulas of permutation and combination.
5. Make a list of all formulae in a sheet of paper and keep on recollecting them in your free time.
6. Always have a positive attitude and mindset towards the subject. Memorising these formulae requires full concentration, hence stay away from all sorts of distractions.
7. Practice more questions from NCERT textbooks as it is the best for the basic level of preparation.
8. Refer more reference books, including RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal solutions, as students can learn different tricks and methods used to solve different problems.
Apart from all these tips, students can also make use of the technologies which are launched to help students with their math problems. Here students can learn in detail with step by step explanations, and several numbers of examples about different concepts, including vectors, algebra, geometry, statistics, etc. by downloading a math application in their smartphone.
These were a few simple tricks to remember math formulas. For more detailed information, students can subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channels and learn in detail about different math concepts.