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We at ask-math believe that educational material should be free for everyone. Please use the content of this website for in-depth understanding of the concepts. Additionally, we have created and posted videos on our youtube.

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Ask-math is a website that concentrates on mathematics and provides content on it. It starts from basic maths i.e. numbers sense , symmetry and goes till sets , Algebra , business mathematics ,geometry, statistics and trigonometry. It also explores the interesting side of mathematics by including topics like unique numbers , Chinese numbers , Dictionary etc. So, in a way it is bliss for mathematics lovers. We focus on teaching students the subject in an interactive way, and make it interesting for those who are not fond of the subject. For making the learning interactive, we have created audios and videos on various topics for better understanding for the students according to their kinesthetic skills.

Practice Contents

The site not only focuses on the topics or contents, but also on practice, for mathematics is a subject which needs repetitive practice. Apart from that it is a well known fact that ‘practice makes a man perfect’. It has created worksheets and MCQs (multiple choice questions) on various topics. The worksheets are made on each individual topic so that the students can review their understanding of the concepts in the topic.

 Fun math

For mathematics lovers, apart from Chinese numbers, and topics related to knowledge the site has also included Brain teasers (math-teasers). These math teasers include various logical puzzles. Maths dictionary contain every mathematical term and its definition and meaning. Students can turn to math dictionary while memorizing various definitions of geometry. It can also be used for finding the meanings of some terms whose concepts are not clear to a particular student.

Each student is different and has different kinesthetic skills. Hence, keeping this in mind we have designed interactive videos and audios. These audios are also made interesting by a story, which keeps the students experience fun learning and understand in a better way.

This website is a complete package of mathematics learning along with interactive methods for better understanding. The website focuses on not only one aspect (teaching) but on the overall development of the students by teaching, making practice worksheets available and by reviewing them.

Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of students, we have built up a reputation for being reliable.

After all, we believe in, Your success is our success!

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