5th grade math worksheets

In 5th grade math worksheets, the instructional time is focus on the following given areas 1) Number system which introduces the basics of numbers such as how to read and write the bigger numbers using the place value.Indian and international number system. 2) Factors and multiples which includes the divisibility rules of 2,3,4,5,6,9 and 10. Also prime and composite numbers.3) Fluency with addition and subtraction of fractions with like and unlike denominators. Developing the concept of multiplication and division of fractions. Extending to this student will also learn decimals, place value in decimals and operations on decimals. 4) The new branch of mathematics also introduces in 5th grade which is Geometry . Here students learn basics of Geometry. Here we have worksheets based on introduction of geometry, types of lines,angles on the basis of measures of angles and triangles on the basis of sides. 5) Understand the concept of volume. 6) New concept which is a part of statistics, Data handling.

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ask-math provides you the worksheets based on different topics and based on different grades. Simple advise is to learn the topic thoroughly and then solve the given worksheets that will be more effective.

Number system (Indian and international system)
Factors and Multiples
• Rounding Numbers
• Introduction of Fractions
• Types of Fractions
• Conversion of improper to mixed fractions
• Equivalent Fractions • Fractions in Simplest form • Like and Unlike Fractions • Add - fractions • Subtraction of fractions • basic geometry
• Types of lines
• Types of angles on the basis of their measurements
• Types of triangles on the basis of their sides
• area and perimeter
• Perimeter and Area of Irregular Shape
• Area and Perimeter of the Rectangle
• Area of Square (perimeter of square)
• area of triangle

5th grade math worksheets

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