7th grade math curriculum

7th grade math curriculum summary :
In seventh grade, students apply many concepts that they have learnt in 6th grade but in more detail. Students will learn real world problems which involves percentage,profit and loss,interest scale drawings etc. Based on integers which the students have already learnt in 6th grade will apply properties of operations to all rational numbers. Lastly the students will learn data handling which includes sample of a population and how to effectively compare different population.

7th grade math curriculum

Rational Numbers
Algebraic Expressions
Linear Equations In One Variable
Ratio and Proportion
Profit And Loss
Simple Interest
Lines And Angles
Properties of Triangles
Congruence of Triangles
Construction of Triangles (SSS)
SAS Triangle Construction
ASA Triangle Construction
HL Triangle Construction
Area and Perimeter Rectangles and Square
Area and Perimeter of Parallelogram
Area and Perimeter of Rhombus
Area and Perimeter of Triangle
Circumference and area of Circle
Data Handling


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