8th Grade Math Curriculum

8th grade math curriculum will teach students topics which they have already learnt in 7th grade math but in details and some topics are new. Such as radical, factorization, variation, construction of quadrilaterals, area of trapezoid, 3D shapes such as cube, rectangular prism(cuboid) and cylinder. In 8th grade math student will learn about the graphs. How to plot the points on the graph, reading off from the graphs, reading of the linear and reading of distance time graph.

8th grade math curriculum

1) Rational Numbers :
• Properties of rational numbers. Using general form of expression to describe properties.
• Consolidation of operation on rational numbers.
• Representation of rational numbers on the number line.
• Finding the rational numbers between the two rational numbers.
• Word problems based on rational numbers.
• Introduction of Irrational numbers.
2) Exponents and Powers :
• Integers as Exponents
• Laws of exponents with integral exponents
3) Squares, Square roots :
• Square and Square roots
• Square roots using factor method, division method
Cubes and Cube root :
• Cubes and cubes roots by factor method
• Estimating square roots and cube roots
Algebraic Expressions :
• Multiplication and division of algebraic expression
• Identities (a ± b)2= a2 ±2ab + b2
a2 - b2 = (a + b)(a - b)
• Solving linear equation in one variable
Ratio and Proportion :
• Advanced problems involving application on percentages, profit and loss, Discount , tax
• Simple and compound interest
• Direct variation and inverse variation
• Time and work problems
Understanding Shapes :
• Properties of quadrilaterals
Construction : • Construction of quadrilaterals
Mensuration : • Area of trapezoid
• Volume of Cube, rectangular prism and cylinder
•Surface area of Cube, rectangular prism and cylinder
Data handling :
• Bar graph • Pie charts Introduction to Graphs
• Axes, Cartesian plane
• Plotting points
• Reading of linear graphs
• Reading of distance Vs time graph

Rational numbers
Exponents and Powers
Squares and square roots
Cube and cube roots
Algebraic Expressions
Linear Equation in one variable
Profit and Loss
simple interest
Compound Interest
Properties of Quadrilaterals
Constructing Quadrilaterals
Area of trapezoid
Volume of cube
Volume of Rectangular Prism
Volume of Cylinder
Surface area of Cube
Surface area of Rectangular prism
Surface area of cylinder
Bar graph
Pie chart


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