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In this section we will discuss Algebra.
Till standard 6th you have studied Number system, Fractions, Decimals and integers etc. Now in this section, we shall make a beginning of the study of a new branch of mathematics known as Algebra. Besides the numerals and signs of operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, al-gebra also uses letters(literals) from various alphabets like English, Greek etc. These letters are used either to generalize results or to represent unknown quantities and are known as letter symbols(variables).
In this section, we shall first study the introduction to a-lgebra, basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with letters. We shall also discuss the idea of an algebraic expression, factorization, linear equation in one and two variables, polynomial, quadratic equation and set theory.

Algebra – Table of Contents

  • Introduction to algebra : we will come across terms like, Variables & Constant
  • Algebraic expressions : A combination of constants and variables connected by the arithmetic signs such as addition (+), subtraction(-), multiplication(x) and division(÷) is called Expressions in algebra.Here we will come across operations on algebraic expressions.
  • Factorization : It is the process of writing an algebraic expression, as the product of two or more algebraic expressions.
  • Linear equation in One Variable : which is a statement of equality that involves one or more variables ( unknown numbers).
  • Linear Equation in two variables : Linear equation of the form
    ax + by + c = 0 or ax + by = c, where a and b are coefficient of x and y respectively , c is a constant term and they are real numbers, 'a' is not equal to zero (a≠0) ,'b' is not equal to zero(b ≠ 0) and x and y are variables , is called a Linear equations in two variables.
  • Polynomials : which are algebraic expressions that include real numbers and variables
  • Quadratic Equations : which is a polynomial equation of second degree
  • Sets : which is a well-defined collection of distinct objects.

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