Area Presentation

In this section,ask-math has given you Area Presentation. Using this power point presentation you will get an idea about area and perimeter. Also you will learn where to use the area and where to use perimeter. Here you will also learn the units of it.
Why the units of area and perimeter are different. There are different formulas for each figure. you will learn the basics of area, uses of it in a practical life.Here, you will learn how to calculate the area of common figures rectangles, square, triangle, circles,rhombus,trapezoid,triangle,parallelogram and area of irregular shapes.The area of irregular shape can be calculated by counting the squares. Consider each square is 1cm in length.You will be invited to try our quiz at the end of this presentation. Those who wants to see all the formulas then go the the page of Mensuration.

The area of a shape is calculated by multiplying its length times its width.So the unit of area is sq.m(m2),,sq.ft(ft2),sq.inches(inch2) and sq.miles. For now, you will only work with simple shapes like squares and rectangles. In short here we will work on 2D shapes. Later you'll learn how to find the area of more complicated or unusual shapes.

The perimeter is nothing but the boundary of the given shape. In short we can say that perimeter means sum of all the sides. So the unit of perimeter is meter(m),centimeter(cm),inches,feet,miles and kilometer(km) etc.
This presentation gives you the basic idea about the area.This presentation is specially prepared for the student of grade 6th and 7th.To solve any problems on area and perimeter student should know the exact formula for exact shape.

At the end of this presentation there is a home work. You can solve this home work and quiz and mail it to me for that visit

Area Presentation

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