4/5 as a decimal
4/5 as a decimal

Introduction to Decimals

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Decimals are the fractions with denominator 10,100,1000 and so on.

In case of fractional numbers, we write them using numerators and denominators. But in decimal we use a decimal point.

Example :

0.7,22.6, 234.85, etc.

In the above figure there are 2 notes of 3 dollar = 2 x 3 = $6

There is one coin of 2 cents.

Total money = $6 and 2 cents, this can be written as in decimal form as $ 6.02 ( as $1 = 100 cents)

The number before the decimal point is called the whole part or integral part,

Whereas the number after the decimal point is called the fractional part.

Example :

43 is a whole part and 012 is a fractional part. These two parts are separated by a point called Decimal point.

Some more examples :

1) 123.34

Here, 123 = whole part and

.34 = Point 34 = fractional part

2) 0.85

Here, 0 = whole part and

.85 = point 85 = fractional part

3) 1.40

Here, 1= whole part and

.40 = Point 40 = fractional part.

Place value

The decimal part starts with tenth ( 1/10) .

On the basis of place value we can read decimal numbers in following ways.

1) 23.112

In whole part -->

3 = ones (unit )place

2 = tens place.

In fractional part

1 = tenth(1/10) place

1 = hundredth (1/100) place

2 = thousandth (1/1000)place

So it can be written in words as follows :

Twenty three point one hundred and twelve thousandth.

2) 5.06 = Five point six hundredth

3) 0.6 = Six tenth

4) 123.345 = One hundred twenty three point three hundred and forty five thousandth.

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