How to Use FORMULATEXT FORMULA in Excel | Excel Tutorial For Beginners | Lesson - 25


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Happy to announce the publication of my book on Math formulae
I have been doing personal & group tuitions in Ahmedabad for almost 18 years. My main specialization is Math & Science. I have taught many students & found that these subjects, though seem to be boring, but are actually very interesting for enthusiastic students. While teaching these subjects, I always try to reduce its complexity & made an attempt to explain a topic in different ways, sometimes citing examples. I have observed that this has a very positive effect on the minds of the students. Their attitude towards the subject changed & they were eager to learn. The more they learned & understood, the faster they could solve problems.
Later, I found that students tend to forget important formulae which drastically affected their result. I tried to resolve this issue through my book “Formula-1”, which is a collection of math formulas.These are the most commonly used formulae, which are extensively referred by the students from grade fifth to tenth. I have deliberately made this book small in size which perfectly fits into pocket & it can be taken out & referred even at the last minute before exams.
Once this book got published, I distributed it among students & got their valuable feedback. It is a very satisfying experience to see my students outperforming their own expectations. This ready reckoner will help the students in referring, revising and remembering formulae.
Topics Covered: Metric system, Sets, degrees of Fahrenheit, roman numbers, divisibility test, whole numbers, profit & loss, simple and compound interest, squares & cubes , laws of exponent s, polynomials, linear equations, quadratic equations, linear pair angles, parallel lines, lines, angles & triangles, special right triangles, Pythagoras theorem, polygons, properties of quadrilateral, surface area & volume, arithmetic progression, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, statistics ,probability, important theorems for 10 th grade.