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Mathematical Brain Teasers
Want to challenge your brain? Tired of all learning and want to test how much you have learned. Well, then you are at the right place! But before we challenge you with brain raking questions, let us see what exactly brain teasers are.
Brain teasers are logical questions based on a particular subject that requires high order thinking capacity. One might wonder, why should one go for this challenge. Our body needs exercise to stay fit, similarly, our brain too needs exercise to stay sharp and healthy. One of the ways by which one can sharpen the mind is by these brain teasers. However, the content of these brain teasers is both logical and the subject knowledge. So, if you are taking the math teasers then you have to have an overall knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Numerals, Statistics etc. On the other had, you also need to use your logical reasoning.
Brain teasers usually include riddles, crossword, word search, Sudoku, word puzzles, trivia, Rubik’s cube etc. They can be fun to solve and play. It is certainly a healthy way to reduce boredom and learn new and different things.
One must be wondering how beneficial solving brain teasers are to the brain? We all are aware of the saying ‘Idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ similarly, brain teasers boost overall brain activity, increases memory power, reduces the risk of dementia, improves brain processing speed, accelerates thought processes, boosts self confidence, it makes mind flexible and increases concentration. In many cases, solving these brain teasers proved beneficial in the development of mentally challenged children. It is not only limited to children, but even adults can take it up. So, now that you have read about all the amazing benefits of brain teasers, why don’t you take up one? Go ahead and take up the challenge!

Math Puzzle - 1    Math Puzzle -17    Math Puzzle -33

Math Puzzle - 2    Math Puzzle - 18     Math Puzzle - 34

Math Puzzle - 3    Math Puzzle - 19    Math Puzzle - 35

Math Puzzle - 4     Math Puzzle - 20    Math Puzzle - 36

Math Puzzle - 5     Math Puzzle - 21    Math Puzzle - 37

Math Puzzle - 6     Math Puzzle - 22    Math Puzzle - 38

Math Puzzle - 7    Math Puzzle - 23    Math Puzzle - 39

Math Puzzle - 8     Math Puzzle - 24    Math Puzzle - 40

Math Puzzle - 9     Math Puzzle - 25   

Math Puzzle - 10    Math Puzzle - 26   

Math Puzzle - 11     Math Puzzle - 27

Math Puzzle - 12     Math Puzzle - 28

Math Puzzle - 13     Math Puzzle - 29

Math Puzzle - 14     Math Puzzle - 30

Math Puzzle - 15     Math Puzzles-31

Math Puzzle - 16     Math Puzzle - 32

Math Teasers