Measurements :-

Hi! I am Roger, I am studying in fifth grade of jungle school, Florida. Math is my favourite subject, and in it I like measure-ment the most, because it is easy to measure so many things. Measure-ment is used almost everywhere and by everybody. It is used by household as well as business purpose. Since, in school we are done with three major measure-ment topics: Weight and mass, Distance, and Capacity. Now my mother has given me a list of things to buy from the forest department store:

1 kg apples, 2 m ribbon, 1l bamboo juice, 100g sugar, 4.3 cm scale, 500ml orange juice.
Can you help me to match and get these things?

Measure-ment is used in everyday life. Whether it is of business purpose or household, being aware of it and its values and unit is important.
Measure-ment is a vast topic, which has different segregation like capacity, distance, weight and mass, etc. It has a list of various units and their values respectively, according to the topics.

Capacity is used to measure liquids. Distance is used to measure distance and its variations. Weight and mass is used to measure the weights and mass of various solids.

Having correct knowledge of measure-ment’s unit and value is now a part of awareness.

If you were asked to measure the lead tip of your pencil, what would you have?

How will you measure this cake?

Can you guess the amount of juice present in the bottle?
So for measuring such things we need to know the conversion of measure-ments as well as which things are measured in which form.
If it is in length form then its unit will be meter,centimeter,kilometer,inches,feet,miles etc.
If it is weight then its unit will be pound,kilogram,gram etc.
If it is capacity then it is measured in liter,milliliter,gallon,quarter,pint,ounce etc.