Online Tutoring

What is Online Tutoring / e-tutoring?

Online Tutoring also known as e-tutoring is a process of live interaction between a student and teacher across the medium of internet.

As competition increases in the classroom and the job market, it has become difficult to differentiate between classes in schools and coaching centers. Learning programs were intended to provide individualized coaching. In recent times however, they have expanded to an extent where a single students’ concerns have been replaced by the demands of the masses.

Online tutoring is turning the focus back to the individual. With the click of a mouse, you can access high quality, live, and interactive learning from the safety and comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you!

Each student is different, and so is their learning style. With this in mind, the goal of online tutoring is to provide customized teaching services for every student. This process seeks to bring back the fun of learning with highly interesting and relevant methods. The lessons are flexible, and are tailor-made according to the students’ varying needs and abilities.

Learning is a collaborative process. In particular, online learning follows the Constructivist approach where learning is a process of discovery, assimilation and application. This approach needs a high amount of student-teacher interaction.

Benefits for Parents & Students:

• Tutoring from the comfort of your home and at a time convenient to you
• Access to highly qualified and experienced teachers.
• Flexible, cost effective and easily accessible
• Tutoring services in subjects and topics according to the needs of the student in the format best suited to him/her
• Learning on an interactive platform using examples and illustrations that build interest and enhance motivation.
• Travel and holidays need not be an issue- you can access online tutoring anywhere and at anytime
• Homework help and questions answered. Pre-exam doubts and problems solved
• Needs of Home schooling / coaching met. The curriculum is mapped to suit the learning style and needs of the student
• Parents kept informed and involved while ensuring direct supervision of the tutoring process from home.
• E-mail assistance for answering student queries in specific topics
• The sessions are highly interactive. Effective use of audio, visuals and multimedia can often bring a topic to life and add the “real-world” dimension to an otherwise abstract concept
• Both personalized & Group tutions are possible.

What are the features?

• Live, interactive and personalized
• User friendly, portable and cost effective
• Caters to different learning abilities and uses a multiple intelligences approach
• Regular feedback to parents and students
• Managed by experienced educators and professionals
• Tutoring packages as per individual requirement
• Online payment receiving facility

What do student need?

The student would need
• PC with a minimum configuration of Windows 2000 or above, with audio support and standard software
• Stable broadband connectivity
• Headset with microphone
• Software: shared whiteboard(access provided by Learning unbound), collaborative voice application like Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google talk(easy to download & install)
• Digital pad & pen (depending on the subject)

The teacher has
• A PC with stable broadband connectivity
• Headset with microphone
• Shared whiteboard
• Other specialized software
• Digital pad & pen

Teaching Process
Each student gets personalized learning and individual interaction with a coach. Initially, an assessment test is given to identify the student's strengths and needs. The coaching is personalized and live using audio and a shared whiteboard. The delivery is seamless and effectively uses technology that is readily available and easy to set up. Use of technology also obviates any need for the student to travel to coaching centers and hence, keeps him fresh and alert to new learning input and experiences.
The pace and content of tutoring are decided through a pre-requisite evaluation process and cemented through a learning contract. Evaluation is continuous, rigorous and painless and constantly reviewed against the grade standards and the student’s own learning contract. Strong feedback and quality mechanisms ensure that the student achieves his goals.
The Teacher guides the student and the parents in defining the needs and framing the Learning Contract. We track the student’s performance, initiate corrective action and review the learning contract with the student and the parents.
A variety of examples and illustrations build interest and enhance motivation. These are often drawn from real-life to give the student a direct flavor of the relevance of the concepts they learn in school and increase understanding and retention. Learning and collaborative projects are used to increase the breadth of learning, build social and team skills, hone communication and enhance confidence.

Online Tutoring

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