Addition Word Problems

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In addition word problems,the student has to read the following steps.
• Read the problems carefully.
• Write the sentence for the each data given.
• Do the addition or subtraction according to the given problem.
• finally write the answer.
These are the important steps every one should follow.

Some solved examples

Example 1: My Mom bought 24 mangoes and my Dad bought 36 mangoes. Now how many mangoes did we have all ?
Solution :
Number of mangoes bought by my Mom = 24
Number of mangoes bought by my Dad = 36
Here, we have to do addition,
    2  4
 + 3  6
    6   0
∴ Total number of mangoes we have 60.
Example 2 : My friends Ariel and Sana love skipping. Ariel skipped 49 times and Sana skipped 38 times. How many times they skipped together?
Solution :
Number of times skipped by Ariel = 49
Number of times skipped by Sana = 38
    4  9
 + 3  8
    8   7
∴ Together they skipped 87 times.
Example 3 : From the school gate to my class I counted 67 steps. I took bigger steps back and counted 55 steps. How many total steps counted by me?
Number of steps from gate to my class = 67
Number of steps from my class to gate = 55
    6  7
 + 5  5
  1 2  2
∴ Total number of steps counted are 122.

1) There are 36 red balloons and 45 blue balloons. How many total balloons are there?
2) John has 48 marbles and his friends has given him 58 more marbles.How many marbles John has now?
3) A florist has 36 tulips, 27 roses and 18 lilies to create bouquets. How many flowers did he have?
4) Sam and Mac both went to the store to buy paper napkins. Sam bought 762 napkins and Mac bought 157 napkins. How many napkins did they buy in all?
Addition word problems

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