Algebra Worksheet 

Q1 - Write an expression for

1) 7 multiplied by y and 2 subtracted from the product'.

2) subtracted from - n'.

Q2 - Identify monomials, binomials and trinomials from the following :

(a) -8xy.
(b) x + z2
(c) 9
(d) a + b + c3
(e) p - r + q
(f) x - 1

Q3 - Give expressions in the following cases:

a) 11 added to 2m
b) 5 times y to which, 3 is added
c) y multiplied by 5 and the result subtracted from 16
d) y divided by 5 and 5 added to the result

Q4 - Take Sarita's present age to be y years and answer the following:
(i) What will be her age 5 years from now?
(ii) What was her age 3 years back?
(iii) Sarita's grandfather is 6 times her age. What is the age of her grandfather?
(iv) Her grandmother is 2 years younger than grandfather. What is grandmother's age?

Q.5 Solve the following equations:
(i) 2x + 5 = 13
(ii) p - 2 - 3 + (p/2)
(iii) 6x + 5 = 2x - 7
(iv) 5(2x - 1) = 14 - 3(x + 2)

Q. 6 Solve :

1) There are 650 students in a school. If the number of girls is 106 more than the boys, how many boys are there in the school?

2) A man is thrice as old as his son. After 12 years, he will be twice as old as his son. Find their present ages.

3) Vidya's mother's age is 5 years more than the three times of Vidya's present age. Find Vidya's present age, if her mother is 44 years old.

4) Sachin says that he has 6 books more than the 6 times of the books Priyanka has. Sachin has 42 books. How many books does Priyanka have?

Algebra worksheet
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