Basic Geometry

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In the basic geometry we will discuss about geometrical terms such as point,line, line segment and more.
The word 'geometry' means measurement of the earth.Various shapes and figures with which we deal in Geometry are called geometrical figures.In geometry, we learn about the construction of geometrical figures and study their properties. Thus, we can say that geometry is the science of properties and relations of figures.
Geometric Terms

1) Point : A point is the basic unit of Geometry. It shows an exact positions.

It is represented by any capital letter such as A,B,P,Q etc.

Example: . A -----> This is a point A.

2) Line : A line is a collection of points going endlessly in both directions along a straight path.

The symbol for a line is ↔. We call it line PQ and write it as arrow over PQ. Minimum of two points are needed to form a line. In this case PQ is a line.

3) Line segment : A line segment is part of a line. It has two end points. We name it by its endpoints. The symbol for a line segment is __ ( seg AB)

4) Ray : A ray is a part of a line. It has one end point and goes endlessly in one direction. The symbol for a ray is →

Plane: A solid has a surface, which can be flat or curved. Flat surface is known as plane surface. The surface of a table is an example of a plane. A plane is commonly named by taking three or more points on it, which are not on the same line.

Basic Geometry

Lines and Angles
Complementary angles
Supplementary angles
Vertically Opposite Angles
Linear Pair Angles
Adjacent Angles
Parallel Lines
Solved Problems on Intersecting Lines
Solved Problems on Parallel Lines

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