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Bisecting Angles

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Construction of Bisecting Angles
Using a protractor draw are angle of measure 800.Bisect the given angle.

Step 1: Draw a ray OA.

Step 2:With the help of protractor draw an angle AOB of measure 800
Step 3: With center O and a convenient radius draw an arc cutting arms OA and OB at P and Q respectively.

Step 4: With center P and radius more than half-length of PQ, draw an arc.

Step 5: With center Q and same radius as in the step 4, draw another arc intersecting the arc drawn in the step 4 at R.

Step 6: Join OR and Produce it to form a ray OX the angle AOX is the angle of measure 400 ( one half of 800)

Construction of Angles 600,1200and 1800

Step 1 : Draw a line segment AB of any length.

Step 2 : Draw an arc of any radius with center A, which cuts AB at P.

Step 3 : With same radius and center at P draw another arc, which cuts earlier arc at Q.

Step 4 : Join AQ.

Step 5 : ∠BAD = 600

Step 4 : With same radius and centre at Q draw another arc which cut the first arc at R.

Step 5 : Join A and R by drawing AC.

Step 6 : ∠CAB is the required 120° angle.

Bisectors of angles Angles
00 and 600 300
600 and 1200 900
00 and 900 450
600 and 900 750
900 and 1200 1050
1200 and 1800 1500

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