CBSE Sample Papers

CBSE sample Papers

Ask-math provides CBSE sample papers.
Central Board of Secondary Education is a Governmental Board of Education in India. CBSE headquarter is in Delhi. The regional offices are in Allahabad,Chennai,Ajmer,Guhahati,Panchkula and Bhubaneswar.
Affiliated CBSE schools are:
• Kendriya Vidyalay
• Public schools
• Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas
• Private Schools
In this section, ask-math provides sample papers not only for CBSE, state board, ICSE, international board but also for students who are studying in UK and US. . All these papers are chapterwise so that student gets enough practice and scores good marks in his/her final exam.
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Sample Papers
For 6th grade
Test on pre-algebra
Test papers on Area and perimeter
Test on Decimals
Test on Integers
Test on Knowing Our Numbers
Test on Measurement of Area and Volume
Test on Practical Geometry
Test papers on Ration and Proportion
Test on Roman numbers
Test on Simple Equations
Test on Whole Numbers

For 7th grade
Test on Decimals
Test on Exponents and Powers
Test on Fractions for 7th grade
Test on Integers for 7th grade
Test on Lines and angles for 7th grade
Test on Practical Geometry for 7th grade

For 8th Grade
Test on Constructions for 8th grade
Test on Factorization for 8th grade
Test on Probability for 8th grade
Test on Rational Numbers for 8th grade
Test on Simple and Compound Interest
Test on Square and Square Roots
Test on Linear Equation in one Variable

For 9th Grade
Test on Areas and Volume of Cube and Cuboid
Test on Circles
Test on Number System,Euclid'e Geometry,Lines and Angles and Heron's Formula
Test on Polynomials for 9th grade
Test on Probability for 9th grade
Test on Quadrilateral for 9th grade
Test on Surface Area and Volume for grade 9th
Test on Triangles for 9th grade

CBSE Sample Papers
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