Comparing Numbers

In comparing numbers two or more numbers are compared with each other to get the greatest and the smallest numbers. When do we compare things? We compare things when we want to know which one is greater and which one is smaller. Even, in our everyday lives, we compare different things like the rate of vegetables in shops, rate of fruits in shops, cost of 1 m. silk cloth and the cost of 1 m. cotton cloth. Height of two children etc.
Between 7 and 8, which one is smaller and which one is greater? Obviously, 7 is smaller than 8. However, when these single digit numbers are in put according to the place values, they may not be the same smaller and greater. Like in 87 and 78, 87 > 78, as the place value of the digits make a particular number greater and smaller.

Comparing numbers if the tens places are same

How will we find the greatest and the smallest number if the tens place number is same like in 65 and 68? Here, we will compare the ones place since both the numbers have 6 in tens place. Since, 8 is greater than 5, we derive that 68 > 65.
543 and 234. Here, how do we compare and find which number is smaller or greater? When we look at the number, we see that the hundredth place is not same i.e. it is 500 and 200. Since, 40 is greater than 30, we conclude that 543 > 234.
Let’s take another example, 10001 and 1001. Now, at first glance these two numbers look exactly the same, but when we look closely, we realize that the place value of 1 plays an important role. In 10001, 1 is in the thousandth place, and in thousandth place in the number 1001. Since, 10000 > 1000, 10001 is greater than 1001.
If we take 345 and 45, then 345 is greater than 45 as 3 stands in hundredth place and there 45 does not have any number in it’s hundredth place, making 345 greater than 45 in spite of 3 being a small digit than 4 in absence of the place value system. Following the same pattern of comparison, we will compare the big numbers when it comes to hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousand etc. So, now how do we tell which one is greater and smaller between 1235 and 543276? Here, 543276 > 1235 as 5 stands in hundred thousand’s place, making it greater than 1235.
Comparing numbers
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