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Construction of Line Segment

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Construction of line segment is a drawing using ruler and compass. These are geometrical tools.

In construction of line segment, the result is being verified using scale.It is used in building plan,roads etc.
Draw a line segment of length 3.9 cm using a ruler.

Solution :

Step 1: Draw a line l. Mark a point on the line l.

Step 2: Place the compasses pointer on the zero mark of the ruler. Open it to place the pencil point upto 3.9 cm.

Step 3: Taking caution that the opening of the compasses has not changed, place the pointer on A and swing an arc to cut l at B.

Step 4: segment AB is a line segment of required length.

Construct a copy of a given segment.

Step 1: Draw line segment CD of any length.

Step 2: Fix the compasses pointer on C and the pencil end on D. Now this opening of the compasses gives the length of segment CD.

Step 3 : Draw a line l. Mark a point A on the line l. Without changing the compasses setting, place the pointer on A.
Step 4 : Cut an arc that cuts l at a point B. Now, AB is a copy of CD.

Practice Problems

1) Construct segment AB of length 7.9 cm. From this, cut off AC of length 3.6 cm. Measure BC .

2) Draw any line segment CD . Without measuring CD , construct a copy of CD .

3) Construct two segments of lengths 4.3 cm and 3.2 cm. construct a segment whose length is equal to the sum of the lengths of these segments.

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