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The contact us page is meant for students and parents who want to grow and share their experiences with us. We are always very eager to listen from you. The feedback received from you will be helpful to us in improving our site. This will not only benefit you, but it’s in the benefit of innumerable students who waste their precious time searching the internet for relevant information.

We have dedicated this page to those students who are stuck in math problems and want their issues to get solved. We have designed this website in such a way that the student enters this website with the mindset of learning something, and comes out of it by becoming a pro at the subject topic. This website is a complete packaged deal of transforming the students from a problem to an expert at the subject. It is a one stop destination for all the math lovers and math learners. In order to make the subject interesting, we have included interactive learning methods for topics which are complex for the students to face. Apart from the interactive learning methods, there are various audio stories for the students to gain an interest and for quickly making them understand about the practical aspect of mathematics.

Mathematics is a subject where many people frequently face problems. The method of solving also affects the answers. Someone facing a problem in mathematics is not uncommon. In fact, a person not facing in any problem in mathematics is uncommon. So, in order to address those problems and solve them, we have provided our email id along with our cell phone number. You can contact us by:


We will address your queries within 48 hours. Thanks for visiting our site & I hope you have found it interesting & useful. I am sure you will appreciate our efforts to provide valuable contents. Please partner us in this noble cause.

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