Division of  Algebraic Expressions

Division of Algebraic Expressions is the opposite process of multiplication.
In algebra, the division is similar to the division done in arithmetic.
In division of Algebraic-Expressions, we use the laws of exponents.
There are different types of division.
1) Monomial by monomial.
2) Polynomial by monomial.
3) Polynomial by binomial.

While dividing a monomial by a monomial, we follow the following two rules :

The coefficients of the quotient of two monomials is equal to the quotient of their coefficients.
The variable part in the quotient of two monomials is equal to the quotient of the variables in the given monomials.

Division of a monomial by a monomial
1) 10x7 ÷ 2x4
Solution :
= 10x7/ 2x4
= ( 10/2)x7-4
= 5x3
2) x4÷ x4
Solution :
= x4/ x4
= x4-4
= x0 = 1
3) -100a3÷20a
Solution :
= -100a3/ 20a
= (-100/20)a3-1
= -5a2
4) 5m3÷√5 m
Solution :
= 5m3/√5 m
= (5/√5)m3-1
5) Divide 24x2y2z2 by 6yz.
Solution :
= 24x2y2z2/6yz
= (24/6)x2y2 -1z2-1
= 4x2yz

Practice Problems
1) Divide by x6 by x2 monomials.(Ans)
2) Divide by 25y5 by 5y4 monomials.(Ans)
3) Divide by -200x3 by 100x monomials.(Ans)
4)Divide by 25a3b3 by 5ab monomials.(Ans)
5) Divide by 16 a2b2 by 4a3b3 monomials.(Ans)
6) Divide by 30 by 4a3b3 monomials.(Ans)

Division of Algebraic Expressions

Division of Polynomial by Monomial
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