First Grade Math

In the world of numbers the first grade math is the first step. Kids are taught particular things and concepts according to their age and understanding. Apart from teaching them personally, they also learn a lot of things from the environment.
Here, ask-math teaches the child the curriculum of First grade math using interactive methods. Children get easily bored with the monotonous teaching and lose interest. The website explores the fun side of learning. Math learning in this grade is the introduction of the subject and includes variety of topics like – numbers, small numbers, big numbers, how a number is considered as small or big, ascending order of the numbers, descending order of the numbers, basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, date, time, clock and measuring length and weight etc.
Many people may take math studies of this grade lightly, but it is in this grade that the basics of math are to be made strong and clear. When these bases of calculation are strengthened by practice, less calculation mistakes are made.
Take a simple example of day to day life. Sally wants to buy some things from the local grocery shop and takes certain amount of money with her, if she doesn’t know basic calculation then, how will she know whether the amount of money she is carrying is sufficient or not, or the total of things bought is correct or not, the amount of change received is correct or not.
If someone wants to start his or her own enterprise then apart from the calculations, the person should also know the big numbers and small numbers.
This knowledge of numbers is necessary not only for purchasing or for the functioning of business, but one cannot write every instance where this math is required, because in later life, it becomes a part of our lives, just like the air we breathe.

Table of contents of 1st Grade Math

Numbers one to nine
Addition up to 10
Order property of addition
Subtraction without borrowing
Single digit multiplication
Single digit division
Numbers 10 to 20
Addition on number line
Subtraction on number line
Successor and Predecessor
Between Numbers
Abacus Math (Reading and writing numerals)
Comparing numbers
Two digit addition without regrouping (without carrying)
Addition with regrouping (with carry)
Subtraction with borrowing
Multiplication on number line
Order property of multiplication
Time and clock
Date and Time clock
Measuring length
Measuring weight


Ordinal numbers worksheet
Addition worksheet
Numbers to 20 worksheet
Before number worksheet
After number worksheet
Writing numerals worksheet
Two digit addition worksheet
Addition with carry over

First Grade Math