Fractions on number line

We have already learned what number line is in our previous classes. Now let us see how we can show Fractions on number line.
Let us explain the concept of showing fractions with the help of an example.
Example 1 : Let’s show ½ on a number line. We know that ½ lies exactly in the middle between 0 and 1. It is at an equal distance from both 0 and 1 and is greater than 0 and lesser than 1. Now, divide the gap between 0 and 1 into equal parts and show that exact division as ½.
Example 2 : Now if we want to show 1/3 on the number line, then we will divide the gap between 0 and 1 into 3 equal parts. Now, the first point of division is 1/3, second point of division is 2/3 and then this is 3/3 which is equal to 1 or point 1.

Let us solve another example to further clarify the concept.
How do we plot 3/7 on the number line?
Firstly, we will divide the line in seven equal parts and then number each point of division from 0 to 1 in a 1/3, 2/3 … and so on. And then, the 3/7th part of the line is the answer.

Practice on fractions on number line

Now let us solve some practice questions on this topic in order to further clarify the topic.
1. How will you show 2/3 on a number line?
2. How will you show 13/13 on a number line?
3. How will you show 7/14 on a number line?
4. How will you show 2/23 on a number line?
5. How will you show 10/13 on a number line?
6. How will you show 10/11 on a number line?
7. If you make 5 equal parts between 0 and 1 then what each part will represent? 8. If you make 9 equal parts between 0 and 1 then how will you represent 3rd part in terms of fraction? 9. How will you show 4/7 on a number line?

10. How will you show 2/5 on a number line?
Fractions on number line
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