Introduction of fractions

We have already learned Fractions in IV and V grade. Let’s have a brief basic background about what fractions are.
A fraction represents a part of a whole or any number of equal parts of a whole. Fraction also means a part of a group or a region. Example: If we take a pizza, then fractions will guide us in dividing the pizza into equal parts. Now let’s have a look at another example which illustrates why fractions are important in our practical daily lives.
One day, Amy and Rachel went to a restaurant and ordered 3 pizzas. Since, both of them had learned about fractions in their previous grades, they were sure that they will divide the three pizzas equally among themselves. When the pizzas came they had one whole pizza for themselves and they divided the third pizza into half and had it.
Let us brush up the basics first we solve complex problems.
Solved Examples :-
1. How will Rose and Jasmine divide 5 cupcakes among themselves?
Firstly, Rose and Jasmine divide the cupcakes in even numbers as they can be divided equally among the even number of people. So that results in Rose and Jasmine dividing 4 cupcakes among themselves and both of them will receive 2 cupcakes each. Then they will divide the 5th cupcake in such a way where both of them get equal portion i.e. they will divide the cupcake into half. Hence, in this way both Rose and Jasmine divide 5 cupcakes equally among themselves.

Practice on Fractions

1. Write one and half in fraction.
2. Draw a circle. Make four parts of it and shade one part with red other parts by blue. Write the red part and blue parts in terms of fraction.
3. Write two-third in fraction.
4. How will you divide 18 pieces of chocolates among 5 people?
5. How will you divide 23 pieces of chocolates among 11 people?
6. How will you divide 20 pieces of chocolates among 14 people?
7. How will you divide 35 pieces of chocolates among 7 people?
8. How will you divide 13 pieces of chocolates among 8 people?
9. How will you divide 43 pieces of chocolates among 3 people?
10. How will you divide 23 pieces of chocolates among 2 people?
11. How will you divide 108 pieces of chocolates among 54 people?
12. How will you divide 46 pieces of chocolates among 23 people?
13. How will you divide 45 pieces of chocolates among 13 people?
14. How will you divide 18 pieces of chocolates among 9 people?

Introduction of fractions
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