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Aryan's Corner

Welcome all readers. I, Aryan Sarvate of class V A, Rachana School, Shahibaug in Ahmedabad am going to invite you to accompany me throughout my school trip to Zainabad and back. The happenings will be told to you according the time.

5:36 a.m.

We are going to go to Zainabad today. Our reporting time to reach school actually was 5:30 a.m. But I was 6 minutes late to be precise.
Now I will tell you the proceedings from that time.
We have still not started our journey and the donkeys of our class are talking.
A horror moment in the morning

A bat came into the class. Everyone started screaming. The girls of our class were terrified. It was a common fruit bat, not any dangerous species and still all were afraid. Then Rajendra sir (our school administrator) came in the class and commented on the talking boys and girls.

5:42 a.m.

Rajendra sir is taking the attendance. Our group consisting of Bhavya, Rushabh, Jenil, Mihir, Samveg, Dev, Het and I also decided to take our group’s attendance. Only one person was absent. That was Het.

5:47 a.m.

All the boys came back from going to the toilet. The girls had not gone. Sir asked all of us who wanted Jain food. We are now standing in a line roll number wise. The sirs of our last camp are also there. I took a small video of the flying swallows in our school. We have settled down in the bus. The time is now 5:54 a.m. I am putting down my pen now. All are in the idea of putting their luggage above their empty heads.

6:02 a.m.

There is a lot of commotion in the bus. Everyone is waiting for the bus to start. I am sitting in the middle of Ansh and Dev, my two best friends. Mihir, one of the monkeys in our class and the great dancer, gave me a boomer splash of kaccha aam (unripe mango) flavour. I have stored it. Sir is telling the rules. All are singing the school prayers. Now the prayers are finished. The time is now 6:14 a.m. We are imitating actors and acting like them. Few students of our class fell on the bus floor while doing so. Over for now.

Till . . .
6:35 a.m.

We are still travelling. We passed the bamboo mill. Samveg and I recently saw Kahan’s underwear. We are dancing on songs sitting on top of the chairs and standing on them. As the roads are bad, many people have fallen down on each other. The bus has stopped now. A very bad smell is coming from the cows which are outside. Few say it (the smell) is from cows and the rest say that it is a fart by sleeping beauty (Kunik). We just passed a canal now. Pen down.

8:59 a.m.

Breakfast in the bus: It was potato and peas sandwich. On the way, we also saw a sesame plant. We also saw a common grasshopper, and a painted grasshopper. I teased the boys of the other section. As the sandwich was disgusting according to me (though Mihir liked it a lot) so I threw it under the bus through the window by which it got squashed under the tires. Few people stepped on it, making their legs dirty. Instead of it, I ate the masala puris (a dish in which Indian bread is filled with spices and fried) my mother had prepared for me. Many of my friends wanted it but very few obtained it. Till now, throughout my journey, I have seen many lakes and ponds but still twice the amount of farms passed by.

12:02 noon

I have not told you the happenings for a long time. This is because the roads were too bad to write. In this time, we were singing songs. One of our teachers, Hemali ma’am had also brought her son with her. He is in class 8 in our school. While travelling, he was continuously talking with a girl of our class. Recently, they were spotted holding hands, but let us leave them for now. It has been a very long journey till now. We will stop in thirty minutes (sir told us so).

12:34 noon

We have reached a few cottages. We are supposed to stop in them for some time. We kept our bags in our cottages, and went to hear a head aching lecture about the area we visited (Surendranagar district). We will now go to a desert.

12:58 noon

Lot of time got wasted all due to sir’s lectures which were completely useless. Here, in the desert, we are seeing wild donkeys, blue bucks, snakes, white bulls and mud turtles (actually we are searching for them, not that we saw many). There is beautiful scenery all around us. We are right now drinking lime juice. We have kept down our glasses and are soon to go from this desert to a saltwater lake. While walking back, Mihir picked up a sun hardened sand peel coated with salt and said that he needed a sample to throw, and threw one right on top of Kahan’s head. You should have seen his face. Kahan ran after Mihir like an angry bull. It was excessively hot so Kahan had taken out his cap. So this shot would have hurt him quite badly. The temperature here is 46⁰C!!! You can burn a human out here. The knee deep saltwater lake was very muddy. Samveg, who was the first to enter this lake, became very very muddy. Now we will have lunch.

2:00 p.m.

The lunch is potato stew, puris (Indian bread), chole (a vegetable), lentil soup and rice. The salad is cucumber and tomato chop. I am not going to eat anything as the food has got a very bad reputation so quickly. There is no sweet at all. Ashutosh, who does not want his own potato stew, is throwing it in poor Pruthvi’s plate. Pruthvi has eaten 8 puris till now. He has also taken buttermilk. Even Bhavya hates the food. The only delight between all is buttermilk. The place is full of flies so I have moved out. Everyone is playing in the cottages after finishing their lunch. 1:48 p.m. - the current game is the monkey in between. 1:57 p.m. - we are playing king.

2:56 p.m.

We are in a salt pan factory. We are mountains of salt. Ghosh ma’am, our principal, went off to find a plant or something, which I later on learnt was a beetle of unknown species to ma’am. She observed few plants and asked the other teachers to take out something form them. We also saw a salt lake. There was enough salt in it to fill up our house. Many people were collecting salt from the salt mountains. Sir had not permitted any one to take salt from the salt lake, not even our teachers. But few deaf humans in our class like Vidit were taking salt from the lake. There were many cows nearby. Most of the animals around are domestic animals. Here are a few cotton farms too. By the way, out of the eleven wild donkeys I saw, all were Asiatic wild ass. All the rivers around here are dried up. We went back to a shop and bought things. I bought 3 wafer biscuits which I finished at that very minute. I also bought 2 pouches of MINERAL water, all of 1 rupee each. I could not find any change so I exchanged my Rs 50 note with 5 Rs 10 notes. Then my 1 Rs 10 note was exchanged with 2 coins worth 5 rupees each. We (Kahan, Samveg and I) played atlas. The sunset view from this place is great. We had gone to a lake. Here we saw prawn, fish and shrimp by the help of a few boys who were throwing these animals on us. After this we sat in the bus and went towards the cottages where we took our luggage and started our journey to home.

7:02 p.m.

I have restarted to write but it is quite tough all thanks to the darkness. The bus has been stopped because many people wanted to answer nature’s call or in other words, urinate. The bus is delayed so we will reach home at around 11:30 p.m. and at the most 12:00 a.m. (midnight) instead of 9:30 p.m. (our actual reaching time). Right now we are in standby mode because the jeep is coming with our dinner. I am very hungry. Hey!!! Why is the bus going ahead? What about dinner? Are we to miss it? There was a lot of confusion going on in the bus. Soon we stopped near a railway track. Sir explained to us that the place we had previously stopped at was in middle of the road and stopping there could lead to many problems and so we were to have dinner here itself. The dinner was samosa (a dish covered with a thin layer of dough stuffed with vegetables and deep fried) and dalvada (a dish made by frying a ball of dough that is meant to be eaten with lentil soup) with a mango flavoured soft drink called FROOTY. After this we sang songs. When we reached near our school, we did not come to know that the bus had stopped and continued singing songs. Later on my father came .
My First Poem on fun zone

Jumping up and down,on the hill
went away prancing,
poor old mr bill

wearing a gown of pure silk
holding a small bowl, containing milk

Up and down
up and down, he went
In his gown
up and down, he went

suddenly he banged
into mr bent
his milk spilling down

flying he was sent
Jumping socks,pumping rooster
cocking pumps,socking jumps
and a few big bumps
what a fall he had
ohh what a fall he had

he started wailing
crying over spent milk
to console him went
mr hilk
and mr bent
to them he said "it was a gift"
poison brought from mr drift
it was for my, mother in law
added with a hammer and a chain saw

fun zone