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GMAT means Graduate Management Admission Test. This tests the person’s analytical, writing ,quantitative,verbal and reading skills. GMAT is the first step in entering the business school. 2,100 universities and institutions use the GMAT exam as part of the selection criteria for their programs site. This test is still the number one choice for MBA.
G test consists of 4 sections: 1) Analytical writing assessment 2) Integrated reasoning 3) Quantitative 4) Verbal This test is based on multiple choice question. On test day, test takers have three and a half hours to complete the four sections.The test takers gives the questions of average difficulty. If the answer is correct then the difficulty level increases and if the answer is wrong then the difficulty level decreases. This process continues till the student completes the section.
1) Analytical writing assessment : In this section, there is one topic as analysis of argument and the time limit is 30 minutes.
2) Integrated reasoning : This section contain 12 questions based on Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation,Two-Two Part Analysis and Table Analysis. Time limit is 30 minutes.
3) Quantitative Section: For this section student’s must have the knowledge of topics such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. There are two types of quantitative questions 1) problem solving 2) data sufficiency.In this section, calculator is not allowed. This section contains 37 questions and the time alotted to this section is 75 minutes.
4) Verbal : In this section there are 41 questions, Reading Comprehension,Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction. The time alotted is 75 minutes.

The scores range from 0 to 60 and only 11 to 51 scores is reported. The total score of GMAT ranges from 200 to 800. The average test taker score is about 540. If the GMAT score is higher then the selection of business school is easier and as per the test taker’s wish.

The test takers may register for this exam online or by calling the test centers. This exam may not be taken more than once within 31 days, even if the scores are cancelled. The cost of exam is $250 USD.


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