International System of Numeration

The international system is followed by most of the countries of the world. In this system, a number is split up into groups or periods.In the Inter-national System of Numeration, we use ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions and billions.

The 1st period consists of ---> ones, tens and hundred.

The 2nd period consists of ---> thousand, 10 thousand and 100 thousands.

The 3rd period consists of ---> million, 10 million and 100 million.

The 4th period consists of ---> billion, 10 billion and 100 billion.

One million is a thousand thousands.

Example : The number 50,801,592 is read as fifty million, eight hundred and one thousand, five hundred and ninety two.

100 B|10 B| 1 B 100 M|10 M| 1 M 100 Ths|10 Ths| 1 Th 100 |10|1

Example : 1)Insert commas in 8643871 and write it in words.

Solution: 8,643,871 --->Eight million six hundred forty-three thousand eight hundred seventy-one.

Example : 2) Insert commas in 124686 and write it in words.

Solution : 124,686 ---->One hundred twenty four thousand six hundred eighty six.

Example : 3) Write "Ten million and seven" in numerals.

Solution : 10,000,007

Example : 4) How many millions make a billion?

Solution : 1000 millions make a billion.

Example : 5) Write 345,567 in word form

Solution : Three hundred forty five thousand and five hundred sixty-seven

Example : 6) Insert commas in 1234789

Solution : 1,234,789

Note : Commas are used to mark thousands and millions. It comes after every three digits from the right.
The first comma marks thousands and the next comma marks millions.

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