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This page is about math dictionary b.
In this section we try to cover all the words started with letter b and which has some mathematical meaning.
Bar graph : It is a pictorial representation of the numerical data by a number of bars ( rectangles).

Base : Any side or face of a geometric figure to which an altitude is drawn.

Base of trapezoid : There are two bases in trapezoid. These bases are opposite and parallel to each other.

Beta: It is a Greek letter use to represent an angle.

Betweeness: A point B is between points A and C if and only if AB + BC = AC .

Bi-conditional : A statement formed by the conjunction of a conditional statement and its converse; a statement that can be written in
"if and only if" form; a definition can always be written as a bi-conditional statement.

Billion : It is a number which contains 9 digits. Example 1 billion = 1,000,000,000.

Binary number system : The number system that uses only 0's and 1's.

Binomial : A polynomial with two terms which are not like terms.

Binomial theorem : The theorem that tells how to expand the expression
(a + b)n.

Bisect: Cut into two congruent halves.

BODMAS : It is used in order of operations. B->bracket; O-> of; D->division; M-> multiplication; A->addition and S->Subtraction.

Box : A box shape in three dimensional space is also known as Cuboid or Rectangular prism.

Braces : The symbols { and } which are used to indicate sets.

Box and whisker : It is used in statistics using quartiles and median.

Brackets: The symbols [ and ].

Breadth: Distance across from side to side. It is also called as "width".

Business Math: It is also known as commercial math. It includes percent,discount, simple interest, compound interest etc.

Math Dictionary b

Math Dictionary


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