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Lateral area of a prism: The sum of the areas of the faces of the prism not including the bases.

Lateral edge: A line segment that is the intersection of any two lateral faces of a polyhedron.

Lateral face: A face of a polyhedron, not including its bases.

Leap year: A leap year is a year containing an extra day. It has 366 days instead of the normal 365 days.
The extra day is added in February, which has 29 days instead of the normal 28 days.
Leap years occur every 4 years. 2008 is a leap year and so is 2012.

Least : Smallest

Least Common Denominator (LCD) :The smallest number that can be used for all denominators (the bottom number) of 2 or more fractions.

Least Common Multiple : The smallest number that is a multiple of two or more numbers.

Lemma : Like a Theorem, but not as important.It is a minor result that has been proved to be true.

Length of line segment: The distance between the end two end points of a line segment.

Less than : Smaller.There is a special symbol used to show that one number is smaller than another(<).

Like terms : Terms whose variables (and their exponents such as the 2 in x2) are the same.

Limit : A value that you get closer and closer to, but never quite reach.

Line segment :Given any two points A and B , AB is equal to the union of points A , B , and all of those points between A and B .

Linear Equation :An equation that makes a straight line when it is graphed.
Often written in the form: y = mx+b

Linear Scale : A scale with equal divisions for equal values.

Line symmetry: A geometric figure has line symmetry if the figure is the image of itself under a reflection in a line.

Linear pair of angles: Any two adjacent angles whose non-common sides form a line.

Liter :A Metric unit of volume.
1 liter = 1000 (milliliter) ml

Locus of points: The set of all points satisfying a given condition or conditions.

Logical equivalence: Statements that have the same truth value.

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