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Uncountable : The data which we can not count.

Undecagon (Hendecagon ) : An 11-sided polygon (a flat shape with straight sides).

Undefined slope : Slope is given by the formula as
m = (y2 -y1)/(x2 -x1); when the denominator is zero then it is undefined slope.

Undefined terms : The fundamental components of an axiomatic system whose understanding is agreed upon but not formally defined. In geometry undefined terms traditionally include point, line, and plane.

Unequal : Not equal. The symbol is ≠ .

Union of sets : The union of two or more sets is the set of all elements contained in at least one of the sets.

Unit circle : A circle drawn with unit(1cm) radius.

Unit Fraction : A fraction where the top number (the "numerator") is 1.

Uniform : Throughout the same.

Unit of Measurement : A quantity used as a standard of measurement.

Unit Price : The cost per liter, per kilogram, per pound, etc, of what you want to buy.

Units : How many ones. How many single items.
Used to show the "ones" place value (units, tens, hundreds, etc).

Univariate Data : Data for one variable.

This page is about Math Dictionary v.

Valid argument: A logical argument supported by known facts or assumed axioms; an argument in which the premise leads to a conclusion.

Variable : A symbol for a number we don't know yet. It is usually a letter like x or y.

Vector: A quantity that has both magnitude and direction; represented geometrically by a directed line segment.

Vertex of an angle: The point of intersection of the two rays that form the sides of the angle. Vertex of a polygon A point where the edges of a polygon intersect.

Vertex of a cone or pyramid: The fixed point, not in the plane of the base, to which all points on the perimeter of the base are connected.

Vertical angles: The two nonadjacent angles formed when two lines intersect.

Vinculum : A vinculum is the horizontal line used to separate the numerator and denominator in a fraction.
It can also be any horizontal line placed over an expression to show that everything below the line is one group.

Volume :A measure of the number of cubic units needed to fill the space inside a solid figure.

Vulgar Fraction : Another word for Common Fraction.

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