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Dictio-nary is a book in which you can see the meaning of each and every word. There are different types of dictionaries, such as English-Dictionary which is a common, Graph-dictionary which contains all types of graphs etc.
You can find free list of more than 2000 mathematical words and their meanings here.
You can browse the mathematical words published in our math dictio-nary from the list below or from the word category at the left. Please Search the Mathematics word of which you want to know meaning of here:
This is a dictio-nary for middle school students, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in learning more about mathematical topics in the middle school curriculum.
We will have fun creating a this Dictio-nary using the A,B,C,... and defining math terms. We will find many different ways and examples of many of the math terms and we will create many ways to describe and portray or represent the terms. The purpose of this web quest is to help students become familiar with the new math terms.From lower to higher grade students can see mathematical terms in this dictio-nary.We have collected some basic definitions on this page.
This Dictio-nary contains the terms of Algebra, Geometry,Business math, Trigonometry and Statistics. All the terms are in alphabetical manner like in English-Dictionary. So that students can refer it easily.
We will add more definitions regularly. Any suggestions? Please send them using the form here.
Note : The words are not case sensitive.
To search the meaning of a particular word,for example "Diameter". This word start with D so click on the alphabet D below and there you will find the meaning of Diameter.

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