Math Puzzle 12

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This math puzzle 12 is on logical reasoning,work - time, exponents etc.
1) If 20 less than seven times a number is five times the number, then which of the following could be the number?
A. 3/5     B. 5     C. 10     D. 12     E. -10

2) Amy has p coins of 10¢ each, q coins of 25¢ each and r coins of 50¢ each. Which of the following equations relate the total money M (in $) possessed by Amy?
A. M = ( pqr ) / 100     B. M=p+q+r     C. M=10p + 5q + 2r
D. M = P/10 + q/4 +r/2     E. M = P/100 + q/50 +r/20

3) Four boys can plough a field in 9 hours. How many boys would be needed to plough the same field in 6 hours?
A. 3    B. 4     C. 6     D. 8     E. 9

4) 9 men or 12 women can do a job in 44 days. How long will it take 12 men and 6 women to do the same job?
A. 6     B. 18     C. 24     D. 32     E. 44

5) From a group of 20 girls and 15 boys, one class representative needs to be chosen. The number of ways in which the representative can be chosen is.
A. 5    B. 15     C. 20     D. 35     E. 45

6) From the letters of the word "SQUARE" how many three-letter arrangements can be formed if the first letter must be Q and no letter can be used more than once in any arrangement?
A. 750     B. 120     C. 40     D. 24     E. 20

7) If 1/x + 1/y + 1/z =1, then what is the value of xyz?
A. 1     B. -1     C. xy + yz + zx     D. x + y + z
E. x2 + y2 + z2

8) If 37abc = 74a2 b2 c2 then the value of a/c is
A. 2ab     B. 2a2    b C. 2ab/c     D. a2b E. b

9)If x is a positive integer and (x - 2)2 = 25, then what is x2 ?
A. 25     B. 16     C. 81     D. 64     E. 49

10)The sum of the roots of the equation (x - 2) (x + 5) = 0 exceeds the product of the roots by
A. -7     B. -5     C. -2     D. 5     E. 7

Math Puzzle 12

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