Math Puzzle 13

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This math puzzle 13 is on ratio, right circular cone,surface area,probability etc.
1) If a/b = 1 – p/q , then b/a =?
A. p / ( p – q)    B. q / ( p – q)    C. q / (q – p)     D. 1 + p/q     E. 1

2) If pa + a2 = b2 - pb, then p =?
A. a2 - b2     B. a2 + b2    C. b - a     D. (a – b) / (a + b)
E. 1

3) What will be the ratio of the volume of a right circular cone and a right circular cylinder of the same base and height?
A. 1:1     B. 1:3     C. 1:2     D. 3:2     E. 3:1

4) The length, width and height of a rectangular solid are in the ratio of 5:3:1. If the total surface area of the box is 184, what is the volume of the box?
A. 90     B. 120     C. 240     D. 480     E. 960

5) A square has diagonal of length 20. What is the side of the square?
A. 10     B. 14     C. 14.14     D. 16     E. 20√2

6) Which of the following points lie on the line y = -x - 2?
I (0, 2)
II (1, - 3)
III (-1, -1)
A. I only     B. II only         C. III only     D. I and II only     E. II and III only

7) Which of the following points have their midpoint on the y-axis?
I (1, 1) and (2, -1)
II (3, 4) and (-3, -5)
III (5, 1) and (-5, 4)
A. I only     B. II only    C. III only     D. II and III only     E. None of these

8) A point P(x, y) is reflected in the x-axis. The co-ordinates of its image are P' (-3, -2). The co-ordinates of P is
A. (-3, 2)     B. (3, 2)     C. (3, -2)    D. (3, 0)     E. (0, 2)

9) If a right angle triangle is rotated about one of the sides containing the right angle, the figure generated will be a
A. Cylinder     B. Cone     C. Sphere     D. Cube     E. Cuboid

10) Two cards are drawn at random from a standard deck of 52 cards containing four different suites of 13 cards each. If the first card is not replaced before the second card is drawn, what is the probability that both the cards are red?
A. 3/51     B. 3/52     C. 26/51     D. 25/51     E. 25/102

Math puzzle 13

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