Math Puzzle 17

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This math puzzle 17 contains percent,digit and card problems.

1) A cake shop had some apple pies, lemon tarts and cheese cakes. Altogether, these were 122 lemon tarts and cheese cakes. If 54 were not cheese cakes, and 96 were not lemon tarts, how many apple pies, lemon tarts and cheese cakes were there altogether?
A. 272     B. 252     C. 163     D. 136     E. 88

2) How much water must be added to a 5% saline solution to make it 1% saline solution?
A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4     E. 5

3) 4 hours is what percentage of a day?
A. 4/100     B. 400/12    C. 400/24     D. 1/400     E. 100/3

4) If 45 men can dig a trench in 56 days, then how many days will 30 men take to do the same work?
A. 20     B. 24     C. 37     D. 80     E. 84

5) If 10 ice cream cones cost $ 13.00, then how many ice cream cones can be purchased for $ 5.20?
A. 3     B. 4     C. 8     D. 12     E. 25

6) A farmer had corn enough to feed 45 hens in a coop for 16 days. If some hens escaped from the coop that night then the remaining corn lasted for 24 days. How many hens had escaped?
A. 8     B. 9     C. 12     D. 15     E. 30

7) In how many ways can a Committee of five be made from a group of 7 men and 4 women if the committee must have only 1 woman?
A. 35     B. 39     C. 70     D. 140     E. 160

8) How many different three-card hands can be drawn from deck of 52 cards?
A. 132600     B. 22100     C. 21000     D. 5562     E. 2265

9) How many four-digit numbers can be made from the digits 3,4,5,6, if the same digit can be used more than once?
A. 55    B. 54     C. 43 D. 44     E. 45

10) What should be added to a2 - b2 to get 2(a + b)?
A. a + b     B. 2 + a + b    C. 2 - a + b     D. (a + b)(2-a+b)
E. (a + b)(2 + a + b)

Math Puzzle 17

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