Math Puzzle 2

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This math puzzle 2 is on Probability,rate and coin etc.

1)There are two urns, one containing two white balls and four black balls, the other containing three white balls and nine black balls. One ball each is drawn out of the two urns. What is the probability of getting two balls of the same color?
(1) 7/12     (2) 1/24     (3) 1/12     (4) ½

2)What will be consumption when there price is Rs. 6 a litre?
(1) 12     (2) 15     (3) 18     (4) 13.5

3) In a class there are two sections A and B. If 10 students of section B shift over to section A, the strength of A becomes three times the strength of B. But if 10 students shift over from A to B, both A and B become equal in strength. How many students are there in sections A and B?
(1)50 and 30    (2) 45 and 15     (3) 90 and 40     (4) 80 and 40

4)The one rupee coin is placed on plain paper. How many coins of the same size can be placed round it so that each one touches the centre and adjacent coins?
1) 4     (2) 3     (3) 7     (4) 6

5)The first day of the year 1998 was Wednesday. If the birthday of Sarah falls in 1998 was her birthday?
(1) Wednesday     (2) Thursday     (3) Monday    (4) Tuesday     (5) None of these

6) Sukhbir is taller than Randhir but not as tall as Ajit. If Manoj is taller than Nitin, who is shorter than Ajit, then who among them is the shortest?
1) Nitin     (2) Sukhbir    (3) Manoj    (4) Data inadequate     (5) None of these

7) Jagan went to another town covering 240 km by car moving at 60 kmph. Then he covered 400km by train moving at 100 kmph and then rest 200 km he covered by a bus moving at 50 kmph.The average speed during the whole journey was:
(1) 80 kmph    (2) 70 kmph    (3) 75 kmph    (4) 72 kmph

8) It takes 40 men eight days to earn Rs. 2000. How many men will earn Rs. 200 in two days?
(1) 10     (2) 14    (3) 16     (4) 20

9) A pipe of 2 inch diameter fills the water tank in one hour. If the diameter of the pipe is 4 inch in what time will the pipe fill the same tank?
(1) 10 minutes     (2) 15 minutes     (3) 30 minutes     (4) 45 minutes

Math puzzle 2

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