Math Puzzle 21

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The math puzzle 21 contains quadratic equation and its applications.

1)One root of a quadratic equation is 3 -√2 . Which of the following represent the quadratic equation?
A. x
2 + 6x + 5 B.x 2 -6x + 5=0 C. x 2 -5x + 6=0 D.x 2 - 5x -6=0
2 -6x + 5=0
2) f(x) = 4x2 -2, then f(x+h) =?
A. 4x + h- 2      B.4h - 2      C. 4x + 4h + 2     D.4x-2      E. 4x+4h-2

3) Mr. James travels p miles in q hours and r miles in s hours. How many hours will be needed to travel 100 miles if he maintains this average rate?
A. 100 (q + s + r)      B. q + s + r      C. p + s + r + q      D 100(q+s)/p+r      E.100(p+r)/q+s

4) To determine the most economic order quantity E for the parts used in production, Managers use the formula E=√2QS/C . Q is the quantity that the plant will use in 1 year, S is the cost of setup for making the parts, and C is the cost of holding one unit in stock for one year. If S = $3600, Q = $16 and C = $ 32, then E =?
A. 600      B. 216      C. 60      D. 36      E. 6

5) The set of x values that satisfy the inequality |x-3|< 4 is
A. x < 7      B. -1 < x < 7     C. x < 11      D. 1 < x < 7
E. |x|< 3

6) Mary plans to fence off a square field and then cross-fence to divide the field into four equal smaller square fields. If she uses 540 ft of fencing, then how much area will be fenced in?
A. 10,000ft
2      B. 8100ft 2      C. 7425ft 2      D. 7200ft 2      E. 3600 ft 2

7) Which of the following is the circumference of a circle, whose area is equal to the sum of areas of circles with diameter 36 cm, 48cm and 144cm?
A. 50π      B. 78 π      C. 100 π      D. 156 π      E. 312 π

8) Point A has co-ordinates (0,0) and point B has co-ordinates (a, a) where a Ĩ 1. If point B is moved from its current location, which of the following would result in the slope remaining unchanged?
A. B (a, a+1)     B. B (a, a-1)     C. B (a+1, a)      D. B (a, a-1)      E. B (a-1, a-1)

9) Which of the following points could be the center of a circle tangent to the x-axis and y-axis?
I (a, b)
II (a, -a)
III (-b, -b)

A. Only I      B. Only II      C. Only III      D. Only II and III
E. Only I and II

10) Line L has slope of 1. If line L contains the point (0,5), then which of the following points does not lie on line L ?
A. (1, 6)     B. (-1, 4)      C. (3,8)      D. (-2,3)
E. (2, 6)

Math puzzle 21

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