Math Puzzle 21

The math puzzle 21 contains quadratic equation and its applications.

1)One root of a quadratic equation is 3 -√2 . Which of the following represent the quadratic equation?
A. x2 + 6x + 5 B.x2 -6x + 5=0 C. x2 -5x + 6=0 D.x2 - 5x -6=0
E.x2 -6x + 5=0
2) f(x) = 4x2 -2, then f(x+h) =?
A. 4x + h- 2      B.4h - 2      C. 4x + 4h + 2     D.4x-2      E. 4x+4h-2

3) Mr. James travels p miles in q hours and r miles in s hours. How many hours will be needed to travel 100 miles if he maintains this average rate?
A. 100 (q + s + r)      B. q + s + r      C. p + s + r + q      D 100(q+s)/p+r      E.100(p+r)/q+s

4) To determine the most economic order quantity E for the parts used in production, Managers use the formula E=√2QS/C . Q is the quantity that the plant will use in 1 year, S is the cost of setup for making the parts, and C is the cost of holding one unit in stock for one year. If S = $3600, Q = $16 and C = $ 32, then E =?
A. 600      B. 216      C. 60      D. 36      E. 6

5) The set of x values that satisfy the inequality |x-3|< 4 is
A. x < 7      B. -1 < x < 7     C. x < 11      D. 1 < x < 7
E. |x|< 3

6) Mary plans to fence off a square field and then cross-fence to divide the field into four equal smaller square fields. If she uses 540 ft of fencing, then how much area will be fenced in?
A. 10,000ft2      B. 8100ft2      C. 7425ft2      D. 7200ft2      E. 3600 ft2

7) Which of the following is the circumference of a circle, whose area is equal to the sum of areas of circles with diameter 36 cm, 48cm and 144cm?
A. 50π      B. 78 π      C. 100 π      D. 156 π      E. 312 π

8) Point A has co-ordinates (0,0) and point B has co-ordinates (a, a) where a Ĩ 1. If point B is moved from its current location, which of the following would result in the slope remaining unchanged?
A. B (a, a+1)     B. B (a, a-1)     C. B (a+1, a)      D. B (a, a-1)      E. B (a-1, a-1)

9) Which of the following points could be the center of a circle tangent to the x-axis and y-axis?
I (a, b)
II (a, -a)
III (-b, -b)

A. Only I      B. Only II      C. Only III      D. Only II and III
E. Only I and II

10) Line L has slope of 1. If line L contains the point (0,5), then which of the following points does not lie on line L ?
A. (1, 6)     B. (-1, 4)      C. (3,8)      D. (-2,3)
E. (2, 6)

Math puzzle 21

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