Math Puzzle 22

This math puzzle 22 is on equidistant,collinear,arithmetic mean etc.

1) For what value of 'a' will the points (-a -1 , 2), (a, 3) and (4, -5) be collinear?
A. 4/15     B. 1/5     C. -3/5     D. -2/5     E. -12

2) If the point P (x, y) be equidistant from the points A (-3, -6) and
B (-6, -3), then what is the ratio of x: y?

A. 1    B. -2     C. 3     D.1/2     E. 1/3

3) If the mean of five observations x, x - 4, x + 7, x - 7, x + 4 is 20 then the mean of the three observations is.
A. 21     B. 24     C. 30     D. 33     E. 63

4) If the average (arithmetic mean) of 7,7 13,17 and p is equal to p, what is the value of p?
A. 5     B. 6     C. 7     D. 9     E. 11

4) P, Q, R are three sets of values of x:
P: 6, 4,1,1,6,6
Q: 2,3,6,3,2,7,2
R: 5,7,9,2,6,5

Select the correct statement from among the following
A. Mean of P is equal to mean of Q is equal to mean of R
B. Median of Q is equal to mean of R is equal to mode of P
C. Mean of P is equal to median of Q is equal to mode of R
D. Median of P is equal to mode of Q is equal to mean of R
E. Mode of P is equal to median of Q is equal to mean of R.

5) The table below shows the average (arithmetic mean) per dozen of Grade A mangoes sold in a certain fruit store during three successive months. If twice as many dozens were sold in May as in June, and 3/4 as many dozen were sold in July as in May, what was the average price per dozen of mangoes sold over the three month period?
Months Per dozen
May $3.00
June $3.30
July $3.20

A. $ 2.00    B. $ 2.20    C. $ 2.35    D. $ 2.40     E. $ 2.42

6) The marks obtained by the number of a class are summarized in the table:
Marks X Y Z
Frequency 5 10 20

Which of the following can be the mean marks of the class?

A. x+2y+4z/7     B. x+2y+4z/5    C. x+2y+4z     D. 5x+10y+20z     E. 5x+10y+20z/7

7) In a list of five integers 7 is the lowest member, 42 is the highest member, the mean is 20 the median is 21 and 15 is the mode. If the numbers 4 and 45 are then included in the list, which o f the following will change?(math puzzle 22)
I the mode
II the median
III the mean

A. I only     B. II only    C. III only     D. I and II only     E. II and III only

8) If 7 cards above are placed in a row so that diamond ace is never at either end, how many different arrangements are possible.
A. 5     B. 20     C. 120     D. 240     E. 720

9) A bag contains 4 green, 3 white and 2 blue balls. A ball is drawn and not replaced. A second ball is drawn. The probability of drawing one white and one green ball is
A. 1/3    B. 1/6    C. 12/24     D. 3/24     E. -3/24

10) Toni's lock consists of a 3-digit number. The combination satisfies the three conditions below.
The number is odd
The number is a prime
The number is a multiple of 3
. If each number satisfies exactly one of the conditions which if the following of could be the combination to the lock?

A. 3 - 6 -1     B. 2 - 6 - 5     C. 1 - 3 - 9    D. 3 - 6 - 9
E. 5 - 6 - 9

Math puzzle 22

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