Math Puzzle 23

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This math puzzle 23 is on mode,median,probability,permutation etc.

1) In how many ways can a class representative be chosen from 'G' girls and 'B' boys?
A. (G x B) ways    B. G ways    C. B ways     D. G/B ways     E . (G+B) ways

2) Set A: {7,9.11,13} and Set B {1,2,3,4,5} If x is a number generated by multiplying a number from set A by a number from set B, how many possible values of x are even?
A. 4     B. 6     C. 8     D. 10     E. 12

3) How many 2-digits even numbers can be formed using the digit 1,3,6.
A. 2     B. 3     C. 4     D. 5     E. 6

4) In how many ways can 1 physics and 1 chemistry book be selected from 7 physics and 8 chemistry books?
A. 56     B. 5     C. 8     D. 7     E. 2


The figure above shows a rectangular piece of cardboard that is divided into 6 rectangular compartments. Rectangles C and D are twice the area of rectangles A and B. Rectangles E and F are three times the area of rectangle C and D. A coin is tossed on the cardboard. What is the probability that it will fall in C?

A. 1/18    B. 1/9    C. 2/9     D. 2/3     E. 1

6) Rita buys nine-raffle tickets out of 1000 sold. She does not win first prize. What is the probability that she wins second prize?
A. 9/1000     B. 8/999    C. 8/111     D. 1/111     E. 9/111

7) For the following set of numbers, what is the value of
mode - median? 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 9, 15

A. - 3     B. - 1    C. 0     D. 1     E. 4

8) A basket has 8 apples and twice that number of oranges. Tim takes out half of the fruits from the bag. How many fruits are left in the basket?
A. 6    B. 10     C. 12     D. 13     E. 24

9) How much is 1/4 times 1/2?
A. 1/6     B. 1/2     C. 2     D. 1/8     E. 8

10) A coin is tossed 9 times in which 4 heads and 5 tails turned up. If the coin is tossed a 10th time, what is the probability of getting a heads?
A. 0.1     B. 0.25     C. 0.5     D. 0.8     E. 1

Math puzzle 23

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