Math Puzzle 25

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This math puzzle 25 is on sequence, logarithm,distance,LCM etc.

1) sequence of numbers a, b, c, d . where b/a = c/b = d/c and so on. If b I c/b < 1
II c/d > 1
III d/c > 1

A. I and II true      B. II and III true      C. I and III true      D. III true
E. nothing can be inferred

2) What is the length of the longest rod that can be completely placed inside a cube of side a?
A. a √2      B. 2a      C. (1+√2)a      D. a √3      E. 3e

3) Three bells ring at intervals of 3 seconds, 5 seconds and 8 seconds respectively. If they start ringing at the same time, after how many seconds will they again ring together?
A. 15      B. 40      C. 24      D. 120      E. 240

4) If 2P + 3Q= R and P + R =4Q. What is the ratio of P to R?
A. 11:1      B. 1:2      C. 1:3      D. 1:4      E. 1:11

5) A bookshelf holds 8 different math books, 6 different physics books and 4 different chemistry books. In how many ways can 1 book be selected?
A. 18      B. 14      C. 24      D. 48      E. 192

6) If log 10x = a; log 10y=b; what is log 1010xy?
A. a + b      B. a b      C. 1 + a + b      D. 10 + a + b      E. 10ab

7) Point A is at (-3,4), point B is at (-1,4) and point C is at (1,5). Which is farthest from origin?
A. A and B      B. B and C      C. A      D. B      E. C

8) Which of the following will form corners of a square?
I (0,0), (4,0), (4,5), (0,5)
I (0,0), (4,0), (4,4), (0,4)
III (0,0), (3,0), (3,4), (0,4)
IV (0,0), (3,0), (3,3), (0,3)

A. I, III      B. I, II      C. II, III      D. II, IV      E. I, IV

9) If (x - 2)/(x + 2) = 5 and (y + 3)/(y - 3) = 2; what is y: x?
A. -1:3      B. 1:3      C. -1:-3      D. -3:1      E. -3:4

10) What is the sum of the smallest 2 prime numbers?
A. 1      B. 3      C. 5      D. 8      E. 12

Math puzzle 25

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