Math Puzzle 27

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This math puzzle 27 is on logical reasoning, circumference, probability,sequence etc

1) Which of the following is equivalent to 0.005?
A. 5/100      B. 1/200      C. 5/200      D. 1/500      E. 1/250

2) Probability of an event could be any one of the following except:
I 0.5
II 0.733
III 1.011
IV 0.01

A. I, II & IV      B. IV      C. III & IV      D. III      E. Insufficient data

3) If x @ y = x2 - y 2 , what is (x @ y) / (x + y)?
A. (x + y) B. (x - y) C. (x + y)2 ( x - y) D. (x + y)(x – y)2 E. 1

4) Which of the following numbers when divided by 9, leaves a remainder 0?
A. 928712      B. 928791      C. 928731      D. 928162      E. 928343

5) In the sequence of numbers 2, 4, 8, 16 each term is obtained by multiplying the previous by 2. In such a series, what is the ratio of the 4th term to the 6th term?
A. 1:1      B. 1:2      C. 1:4      D. 1:8      E. 1:32

6) What is the value of a, if 7a - b + c = 48 and b = a / 2, c = 3a / 2?
A. 1      B. 2      C. 4      D. 6      E. 8

7) Circumference of a circle with radius 4 is equal to the perimeter of a square. What is the length of the square?
A. 1      B. 4      C. π      D. 2π      E. 4π

8) An unbiased coin is tossed n times. The probability of a head or a tail turning up on the nth trial is
A. n*(0.5)2      B. n/(0.5)2      C. 0.5*(n)2      D. 0.5      E. 1

9) Book-shop1 offers a discount of 29% on a book whereas Book-shop2 offers two successive discounts of 10% and 20% for the same book. Which shop offers maximum benefit to the buyer?
A. Book-shop1      B. Book-shop2      C. both offer same benefit     
D. cannot be predicted      E. None of the above

10) A number x is increased by y% and then decreased by y%. The final number obtained will be
I less than x always
II more than x always
III equal to x always

A. I      B. II      C. III      D. I or II      E. Insufficient data

Math puzzle 27

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