Math Puzzle 28

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This math puzzle 28 is on set,exponents,absolute equation,algebra etc

1) What value of n satisfies the equation 1 = 3(1/n-3) ?
A. 1/3       B. 1/4       C. 3       D. 4       E. None of these

2) Set A = {3,5,9,22,23,40,42} and set B = {1,2,3,5 ,8 ,23,42,51}. What is the mode of union of elements of A & B?
A. 3       B. 5       C. 23       D. 42       E. there is no mode

3) A haystack is large enough to feed 15 horses for 10 days; how long will a similar haystack last for 2 groups of 6 horses each?
A. 9       B. 10       C. 12.5       D. 18       E. 25

4) If |x-3| = 6, what is x?
A. 3 or 9       B. -3 or -9       C. 3       D. 3 or -9       E. -3 or 9

5) Circumference of a circle with radius 4 is equal to the perimeter of a square. What is the area of the square?
A. π2       B. 2π2       C. 4π       D. 4π2       E. 16π2

6) Sum of 5 times Tim's age and 3 times Allan's age is same as their mother's age. 2 years from now, sum of 3 times Tim's age and 3 times Allan's age will be same as their mother's age at that time. How old is Tim now?
A. 2       B. 5       C. 7       D. 14
E. cannot be found with this information

7) For a set of consecutive integers a, b, c, d, e, which among the following is/are true?
I Average is c
II Average is (b+d)/2
III Average is (b+c+d)/3

A. I is true       B. I, II are true       C. I, II, III are true       D. II, III are true       E. I, III are true

8) If 5/17 = x/68 and 9/23 = y/92, which among the following is true?
A. x < y       B. x > y       C. x = y       D. x + y = 46       E. x/y = 9/5

9)If 3x- 2y / 9x + 2y = 2/7, what is the value of x/y?
A. 1/3       B. 1/6       C. 3       D. 6       E. 9

10) If m = (3n - 2)/(n + 4), what is n if m = - 1?
A. -1/4       B. -1/2       C. 1/2       D. 1       E. 2

Math puzzle 28

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