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Math Puzzle 31

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This math puzzle 31 is on Median,average speed,integers etc.

1) The heights of six students arranged in increasing order is
120, 130, 130, 140 , x, 160.
What is the median height?

A. 130     B. 135     C. 140     D. 110.3
E. Cannot be calculated

2) Median for a set of values arranged in the order of increasing values 2, 3, 5, x, 11, 13, 17 is 7. What is the mean for the same set of numbers?
A. 3     B. 7     C. 8.3     D. 11     E. Cannot be calculated

3) Reciprocal of (1/0.03333333) is approximately
A. 1/30     B. 1/3     C. 3     D. 30     E. 33

4) A car travels North 50 miles and turns right and travels 120 miles and reaches its destination traveling at an average speed of 30 miles/hour. If the car had taken the straight line route from starting point to the destination with the same average speed, how many hours would it save?
A. 1/3 hour     B. 2/3 hour     C. 1 hour     D. 1 1/3 hour    
E. 4 1/3 hour

5) A solid cylinder of radius 2 and height 4 is painted on all its outer surfaces. With the same quantity of paint, how many circular plates of radius 2 can be painted?
(assume both sides of the circular plate are to be painted)

A. 1     B. 2     C. 3     D. 4     E. 6

6) What is 1/2% of 1/2 of 1/2?
A. 1/800     B. 1/400     C. 1/8     D. 8     E. 12.5

7) If 10x = y, what is 104x+1 ?
A. 10y     B. 4y+1     C. 10y4     D. y4     E. y4 /10

8) If x+4 is an even integer, then x could be which of the following?
A. 1     B. -1     C. -3     D. -6     E. -7

9) On a certain map 5/8 of an inch represents 150 miles. How many inches will represent 240 miles?
A. 1/3     B. 1/2     C. 7/8     D. 1     E. 11/8

10) One in nine of the population is left handed. How many left handed students would you expect to find in a school of 2430 students? A. 90     B. 210     C. 240     D. 270     E. 280

Math puzzle 31

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