Math Puzzle 32

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This math puzzle 32 is on Probability,Percentage,median,volume of cone etc.

1) Peter sells a camera to Ron at a loss of 15%. Ron sells the same camera to David at a profit of 20%. If David paid $153 for the camera, how much did Peter pay for it?
A. 150      B. 160      C. 175      D. 200      E. 210

2) If a grain of rice is placed on the first square of a chess board, 2 on the second, 4 on the next and so on, how many grains will be needed for the 64th square

A. 128      B. 232      C. 263      D. 264      E. 2084

3) A box contains 5 red, 4 white and 6 blue balls. If two balls are drawn at random and the first is not replaced before the second is drawn, what is the probability that both are white?
A. 4/15      B. 2/35      C. 3/14      D. 4/75      E. 3/4

4) Which of the following can be calculated for the set of numbers 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, x, 11 where 7 < x <10?
A. Mean      B. Median      C. Mean, Median, Mode      D. Median, Mode      E. None

5) Each angle of polygon is 165 0 . The number of its sides is
A. 9      B. 12      C. 15      D. 24      E. 25

6) The volume of a cone of radius r is 1/3 of the volume of a cube of length x. If the cube and cone have equal heights, then what is r in terms of x?
A. x2      B. x      C. x √ π      D. x /√ π      E. x / π

7) If Andy, Bob and Cathy split $15.00 in the ratio 1:2:3, how much will Bob get?
A. $ 2.00      B. $ 2.50      C. $ 3.00      D. $ 5.00      E. $ 7.50

8)Which of the choice is same as 35%?
A. 0.035      B. 3.5      C. 7/20      D. 7/10      E. 35/1000

9) For what value of 'n' is the value of n(n-4)(n+1) negative?
A. -1      B. 0      C. 1      D. 4      E. 7

10) If x + y + z = 20, y = 3x and z = 2y then what is x?
A. -4      B. 3      C. 2      D. 4      E. 6

Math puzzle 32

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