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Math Puzzle 33

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This math puzzle 33 is on radical,cyclic quadrilateral,sequence etc.

1) A box contains five red marbles and seven white marbles. If one marble is drawn at random from the box, what is the probability that it is white?
A. 1/5      B. 1/7      C. 5/7      D. 5/12      E. 7/12

2) If the n th term of a sequence is given by Tn = (-1)n 2n-1 , then which of the following could be the 9th term of the sequence?
A. 256      B. 128      C. -128      D. -256      E. -512

3) In a system where there are 100 minutes in an hour and 100 seconds in a minute, how many seconds are there in an hour?
A. 3600      B. 60      C. 100      D. 10000      E. 1/100

4) If (a + 3) (a + k) = a 2 + 5a + p, then which of the following could be value of k and p?
A. k = 3, p = 3      B. k = 1, p = 6      C. k = 2, p = 6     
D. k = 2, p = 5      E. k = -2, p = -6

5) A box of chocolates contains 12 hard centres and 8 soft centres. One chocolate is taken at random and eaten; then a second chocolate is taken. What is the probability the one is a hard centre and one a soft center?
A. 24/95      B. 48/95      C. 12/19      D. 4/5      E. 16/95

6) What is the area of the rectangle whose vertices are (a, 2b), (a, -b), (-3a, -b) and (-3a, 2b)?
A. ab      B. 3ab      C. 4ab      D. 8ab      E. 12ab

7)Refer to the following definition: For all positive integers x, X =√x . Which of the following equals 3?
A. 3      B. 6      C. 9      D. 27      E. 81

8) If the sum of interior angles of a polygon is five times the sum of its exterior angles, how many sides are there?
A. 9      B. 12      C. 15      D. 20      E. 24

9) Bag A contains 3 white and 2 red balls. Bag B contains 1 white and 3 red balls. A ball is taken at random from Bag A and placed in Bag B. A ball is then chosen from Bag B. What is the probability that the ball taken from Bag B is red?
A. 3/5      B. 9/25      C. 6/25      D. 1/5      E. 7/25

10) Each angle of a cyclic quadrilateral is either 110 0 or 70 0 . This quadrilateral must be a
A. Rhombus      B. Trapezium      C. Parallelogram      D. Square      E. None of the above

Math puzzle 33

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