Math Puzzle 37 (odd man out)

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This math puzzle 37 is on odd man out.

In each of the following questions, five words are given, out of which four are same in one way and the fifth one is different from the others. Select the odd one out.

1) a)Sun b)Moon c) Venus d) Mars e)Earth

2) a) Microphone b)Microscope c)Spectacles d)Telescope e)Binoculars

3) a)Artery b)Ventricle c)Pharynx d)Aorta e)Auricle

4) a)Diamond b)Ruby c)Emerald d)Turquoise e)Garnet

5) a)Crimson b)Scarlet c)Vermillion d)Golden e)Cardinal

6) a) Swim b)Run c)Anticipate d)Acrobat e)Dance

7) a)Shorthand b)Morse c)Semaphore d)Codes e)Record

8) a)Green b)Violet c)Brown d)Yellow e)Orange

9) a)City b)Town c)Village d)Metropolis e)Home

10 a)Writer b)Printer c)Publisher d)Reporter e)Reader

11) a)Under b)Near c)Beside d)Above e)Where

12) a)Fragrance b)Smell c)Aroma d)Incense e)Foul Smell

13) a)Motorcar b)Tractor c)Bus d)Train e)Tram

14) a)Stammer b)Whisper c)Lisp d)Drawl e)Taunt(speech)

15) a)Portrait b)Snapshot c)Diagram d)Sketch e)Painting

16) a)Silk b)Fur c)Milk d)Leather e)Rubber

17) a)Anitcipate b)Presume c)Expect d)Reckon e)Hope

18) a)Hop b)Dive c)Jump d)Leap e)Fall

19) a)Milk b)Syrup c)Squash d)Tea e)Cake

20) a)Ink b)Pen c)Pencil d)Brush e)Chalkstick

21) a)Cooperate b)Coordinate c)Corelate d)Combat e)Coincident

22) a)Conscience b)Morality c)Conduct d)Will Power e)weight

23) a)Guitar b)Piano c)Harmonium d)Banjo e)Accordion

24) a)Secretary b)Council c)Panel d)Cabinet e)Committee

25) a)Topple b)Tumble c)Slip d)Skip e)Fall

26) a)Freeze b)Simmer c)Bake d)Boil e)Fry

27) a)Mother b)Sister c)Brother d)Aunt e)Daughters in law

28) a)Knave b)King c)Ace d)Queen e)Minister

29) a)Hawk b)Parrot c)Falcon d)Eagle e)Vulture

30) a)Lemon b)Orange c)Citron d) e)Banana

31) a)Triangle b)Square c)Parallelogram d)Rhombus

32) a)Line b)Line segment c)Ray d)angle

33) a)Supplementary angles b)Linear pair angles c)Two right angles d)Complementary angles

34) a)Equilateral triangle b)Isosceles triangle c)Scalene triangle d)Right angle

35) a)Radius b)Diameter c)Chord d)Diagonal

36) a)Sine b)Cosine c)Secant d)Tangent

37) a)Vertically opposite angles b)Interior angles on the same side of transversal c)Alternate interior angles d)Corresponding angles

38) a)Quadratic equation b)Linear equation c)Cubic equation d)Quartic equation

39) a)2x and 5x b)5a2 and -2a2 c)8x and -3x d)4a and 3bc

40) a)Associative property b)Distributive property c)Reciprocal d)Commutative property

Math puzzle 37

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