Math Puzzle 39

This math puzzle 39 is on capacity,area,logical reasoning etc.

1. You have been given two cans with capacities 9 and 5 liters respectively.There is no graduation marks on the cans nor is eye estimation possible.How can you collect 3 liters of water from a tap? (You are allowed to pour out water from the can). If the cans had capacities 8 and 6 liters respectively,could you collect 5 liters?

2. The area of the east wall of an auditorium is 108 sq m, the area of the north wall is 135 sq m and the area of the floor is 180 sq m. Find the height of the auditorium.

3. If we subtract 4 from the digit at the units place of a two digit number and add 4 to the digit at the tens place then the resulting number is doubled.Find the number.

4. Two boatmen start simultaneously from the opposite shores of a river and they cross each other after 45 minutes of their starting from the respective shores.They rowed till they reached the opposite shore and returned immediately after reaching the shores.When will they cross each other again?

5. Three girls are climbing down a staircase. One girl climbs down two steps at one go. The second girl three steps at one go and the third climbs down four steps. They started together from the beginning of the staircase leaving their foot marks. They all came down in complete steps and had their foot marks together at the bottom of the staircase. In how many steps would there be only one pair of foot mark? Are there any steps on which there would be no foot marks.

6. A group of soldiers was asked to fall in line making rows of three. It was found that there was one soldier extra. Then they were asked to stand in rows of five. It was found there were left 2 soldiers. They were asked to stand in rows of seven. Then there were three soldiers who could not be adjusted. At least how many soldiers were there in the group?

7. Get 100 using four 9’s and some of the symbols like +, –, ×, ¸ etc.

8. How many digits would be in the product 2 × 2 × 2 ..... × 2 (30 times)?

9. A man would be 5 minutes late to reach his destination if he rides his bike at 30 km. per hour. But he would be 10 minutes early if he rides at the speed of 40 km per hour. What is the distance of his destination from where he starts?

10. The ratio of speeds of two vehicles is 2:3. If the first vehicle covers 50 km in 3 hours, what distance would the second vehicle covers in 2 hours?

11. The ratio of income to expenditure of Mr. Jones is 7:5. If he saves Rs. 2000 a month, what could be his income?

Math puzzle 39

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