Math Puzzles 10

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This Math Puzzles 10 is on fraction rate,LCM,co-prime numbers etc.

1) Jane, Jerry and John share some candies in the ratio 2:5:7 respectively. Given that Jerry and John together have 36 candies, calculate Jane's share.
A. 2     B. 3     C. 6     D. 12     E. 36

2) In how many minutes, a car traveling at 60 miles per hour, would cross a bridge of length 3/4 mile?
A. 1/80     B. 80     C. 4/3     D. 3/4     E. 8

3) A train covers the distance 'x' between two cities in 't' hours arriving 3 hours late. What rate would permit the train to arrive on schedule? A. (x/t) - 3     B.x /(t-3)    C. x - 3     D. xt - 3     E.

4) If 4 - x = 1, what is the value of x?
A. 1/4     B. -1/4     C. 0     D. 1/2    E. 1

5) If f (x) = (√7)x and a, b are rational numbers then f (a).f (b) is.
A. f(a - b)     B. f(ab)     C. f(a + b)     D. f(ab)     E. f(a/b)

6) Which of the following is equivalent to 0.005/0.1?
A. 0.0005     B. 0.005     C. 0.05     D. 5     E. 50

7) Which of the following fractions is as much greater than 3/13 as it is less than 13/3?
A. 2/39     B. 2     1139 C. 3/39     D. 3 1139     E. 4/39

8) Which of the following is the least common multiple of 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8?
A. 1/8     B. 1/4     C. 1/2     D. 4     E. 8

9) The least common multiple of two co-prime numbers is equal to
A. their sum    B. their difference     C. 1     D. their product     E. None of these

10) If the product of seven numbers is positive then at most how many of the seven numbers could be negative?
A. 3     B. 4     C. 5     D. 6     E. 7

Math Puzzles 10


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