Math  Videos

Math Videos and the interactive learning

Math Videos are always attractive and therefore extensively used in interactive learning. The process of learning has evolved & replaced the orthodox uninteresting methods. This method has found quick acceptance with gen Y. Students now look forward to e-learning. Understanding concepts have become an interesting task for students.

What are math videos?

Math-videos are videos which teach the concepts of mathematics, in an easy fun way. These videos tend to clear majority of doubts which the students have and clear their concepts. The audio visual nature of videos has a major advantage over static learning & helps in better understanding of different subjects.

What is the purpose of creating math-videos?

The purpose is to make the approach of math towards student interesting. Majority of students find it boring to read concepts, many find it difficult to understand them and then undertake the way of mugging up. Lucky bums find it as a shortcut and are accustomed to it. But not all are lucky and therefore they end up confused & develop a certain hatred towards math. So, it is for these students who can now understand math concepts clearly. Eventually, they will develop a liking for math

Benefits :-
1. Interactive and interesting learning.
2. Innovative ideas
3. Quick understanding of concepts.
4. Fun approach towards boring sectors.

Number Sense
Indian System of Numeration Algebraic Identities
International System of Numeration Introduction of Decimals
Roman Numbers Multiplication of decimals
Rounding Numbers Addition of Decimals
Commutative property in whole numbers Subtraction of decimals
Associative property in whole numbers Comparison of Decimal numbers
Property of zero in whole numbers Division of decimals
Distributive property in whole numbers Decimal Expansion
Factors and multiples Divisibility Rules
Prime and Composite numbers Multiplication of Integers
Prime factorisation Integers and comparison of integers
HCF by factorisation method Conversion of decimals to fraction
Introduction of Ratio
Ratio in the simplest form
Comparison of ratios
Equivalent ratios
Introduction of fraction
Types of fractions
Convert improper fractions to mixed fraction
Equivalent fractions
Fractions in Simplest Form
Addition of Fractions(like and unlike fractions)
Subtraction of Fractions
Multiplication of Fractions
Prime factorization
Addition and Subtraction of Integers
Laws of exponents
Scientific notation
Representing rational number on number line
Finding the squares by shortcut method
Finding the square root by long division
Finding the square root of decimal numbers
Finding the cube root by estimating method
Addition of Algebraic Expression
Linear equation in one variable
Division of Polynomial by polynomial
System of equations by substitution method
Solving Linear equation in two variables by Elimination Method
Factorization of Quadratic Equation
Business Math
Convert % to fraction and decimal
Find the percentage of a given number
Proofs on parallelogram
Math Videos

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