Measuring Length

While measuring length,the child should know the following words.
Taller          Shorter

Longer          Shorter

When we compare two things that time we use these words.

Here you can easily say that TV Tower is taller than the electric pole.

Example : Compare the Minute hand and hour hand.
Solution : The length of the minute hand is more than that of hour hand.

So Minute hand is longer than the hour hand.

In ancient times the lengths were measured by our body parts. For body parts we use different words. The following are the different ways of measuring.

There are are different units for measuring length. Such as millimeter,centimeter,decimeter, meter, decameter, hectometer,kilometer,miles, foot and inches.

For measuring every objects we use different units. For smaller objects we use millimeter and for longer object we use meter.

For example : 1) Tip of pencil is measured in millimeter(mm) and the cloth required for a dress is measured in meter(m).

2) The height of 2 month old kid is measured inches(in) and the height of her mother is in feet(ft).

Q.1 Write which is longer/taller without measuring it.
1) Mobile or compass box.
2) Tea spoon or table spoon.
3) T-shirt or Jeans.
4) Father or 2 yr old son.
5) Pillow cover or bed sheet.
Q.2 Use your span and measure the following things.
1) Your lunch box.
2) Note book.
3) Study table.
4) Length of window of your room.
5) Length of one tile.
Q.3 The following are the lengths of sticks. State the shorter one.
1) 5 cm or 8 cm.
2) 2 m or 1 m.
3) 9 in or 4 in.
4) 6 ft or 4 ft.
5) 7 mm or 10 mm.
6) 1 mm or 3 mm.
7) 10 cm or 8 cm.
8) 6 m or 1 m.

Measuring length

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